I’m a person-centred Supervisor but also consider myself integrative; drawing on creative aspects, Jung, TA, Parts/ Internal family Systems, CBT and coaching elements to allow for a wider oversight of your own practice to allow me to gain an understanding of both your client work and how you operate as a therapist and individual.

Bryant- Jefferies (2005) highlighted that supervision is a place where the unknown becomes known.

With this in mind, I will help you include the good, the bad and ugly in our sessions because I believe it all needs space to breathe, to be reflected upon and to be used as valuable information for ‘what next?’

As a supervisor I will be working within the 7-eyed model to provide reflexive and engaging supervision on the topics that matter to you.

Although supervision differs from providing personal therapy, I believe there is always space in sessions to consider what is going on for you as a therapist and individual whilst you manage your caseload.

I do not want my supervisees to experience loneliness in the supervision space nor a one-sidedness; I believe my UPR is my most valuable tool to offer you in sessions.

Having had 5 years in a managerial position, 3 of which were line management I can bring personal development and mentorship elements to supervision if you believe this would support your career.

If you think my methodology suits you as a practitioner and you are comfortable having sessions remotely then please contact me using this form.

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