Self care this December
Self care this December


Whilst I’ve written about self-care for many December’s now, it’s still an important topic that gets over-looked.

We spend a lot of time preparing and making sure everyone else is taken care of this month whether that’s with love, support, presents on the big day or an encouragement to make the whole month something special for our loved ones.

What are you doing for yourself though?

The thing is, without you being OK, you can’t do things for others. The most common response to this is ‘I can’t,’ ‘I’d feel guilty’ or ‘that’s selfish.’

Operating at 100 % for the month will wear you out, you’ll most likely end up in sleep deficit or want to sleep too much; appetite will take a hit either skipping meals or comfort eating and there will be a general sense of sluggishness despite the ever present pressure of trying to get everything done before year end, whether that’s for Christmas, New Year, or a general expectation of time off and relaxing.

Concentration goes, things get forgotten because you can’t focus and then you’ll be really hard on yourself, berating yourself because it wasn’t ‘perfect.’

If this sounds like you are someone you know then please take a moment to reconsider your expectations. Just yours, not family ones, not friends, not even partners.

  • What do you expect of yourself?
  • Then consider what is actually realistic?
  • What is priority and what can be left to one side?
  • Can you delegate and ask for help?

Taking the time to ask yourself these 4 basic questions could be the difference between flying through the end of year by the skin of your teeth or enjoying the holiday period feeling a little less stressed and having the ability to be present and in the moment. It’s time to choose and make yourself a priority this December.

Please find helpline numbers if you or loved ones are struggling in the main picture. If you find things have come to a head now or in the new year then consider how to get time to yourself. If you have larger problems and feel like counselling could give you clarity and support then please click here and make contact with me to make a start at looking after yourself.

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