Celebrating two years: What Via Vitae has to offer you
Celebrating two years: What Via Vitae has to offer you

What better way to celebrate two years of being established by being able to also celebrate new additions to Via Vitae’s customer offer.

After successfully supporting Glossop for this period, I’ve been fortunate enough to branch out into remote counselling as well as Walk & Talk therapy, enabling clients with different wants and needs to find what works best for them. I can now offer Walk & Talk in two locations- Glossop and Huddersfield; ideal for those who like nature and are seeking therapy that is both transformative and nature-orientated.

The results have been amazing and I wish to thank all past and present clients for their feedback and support in helping me establish what is now a trusted brand that is ever expanding by word of mouth.

Thank you!

This feels like the ideal opportunity to re-establish with you all that I can offer you as a counsellor:

  • 50-minute counselling sessions via telephone or Zoom, tailored to your needs
  • 60-minute Walk & Talk face to face therapy sessions in Glossop and Huddersfield
  • Single session therapy with no obligation to re-book
  • Short-, medium- or long-term therapy
  • Personal development plans

If making a decision about what to ask for is proving challenging for you or if you’re struggling to know what you do need, then I offer a free 15-minute consultation where we can explore the reason for therapy, and your mental health history in order to point you in the right direction.  I’ll offer my professional opinion on a way forward but if you decide to sign up for counselling then you’ll very much be a part of co-creating your own therapy with me, after all, it is about you and you know yourself better than anyone else.

  • Struggling with anxiety?
  • Feeling pressured at work?
  • Finding juggling life’s priorities overwhelming?
  • Relationship issues?

I can help you make a difference to your life if you’re ready to tackle the issue(s) that are troubling you, and you won’t be doing it alone. You can decide the frequency of sessions but I do recommend at least 1 session a month in order for therapy to have any benefits for you, as much like anything; it takes practice, commitment and consistency for change to take place and for new habits to replace the ones that are likely adding to your levels of stress, frustration and sadness.

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Photo by Austin Park on Unsplash

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