Purpose and Action
Purpose and Action

The mental health charity, Mind, sent out an email this morning stating the following:

‘If you’re finding things hard right now, you’re not alone.

Mental health services are open.

It’s ok to ask for help for your mental health. You are not wasting anyone’s time. You deserve support.’

They feel that the Government isn’t making these messages loud and clear. Do you agree?

I was invited to ask the Government a question in Mind’s email- What could I ask that hasn’t already been thought about?

Well, there is a difference between thinking about something and then voicing it. I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I simply thought about something that could make a difference but then did nothing about it. So, I emailed them asking:

  • Why isn’t counselling isn’t being considered a front-line health service?
  • Why isn’t it being promoted as an essential public service in order to prevent already struggling people from progressing to ‘vulnerable or at-risk?’
  • Why can I only see ‘at-risk’ clients face to face in lockdown, when the likelihood is that they are unable to attend because their mental health has progressed to a worse state, as a result of being in lockdown and not being seen regularly?

Remote sessions are always available and very effective, but not everyone has the technology, the privacy nor the desire to have remote counselling; it’s a personal choice.

After pressing submit, it asked if I was prepared to make a video asking my question… this isn’t my forte, nor is it something I enjoy, but again, it won’t make a difference if people don’t hear the question, if people can’t engage with it nor have any awareness that it’s a big issue right now. I may not get chosen, it may not reach the Government panel but it’s the purpose behind it, the trying, the taking action that matters and the wanting to make a difference.

Have you got something that you feel passionate about but struggle to make in-roads to progress?

Maybe you struggling voicing your opinions out loud or feel that other people drown you out?

I can you with your self-esteem, confidence and motivation. If you want to discuss how to help yourself please click Contact today and I’ll be happy to get you on track.

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