Every week we have read how hard the year has been with the virus and its huge impact on the world. There isn’t much more I can add to how horrendously it has impacted upon day-to-day life and the things we perhaps previously took for granted.

With this in mind, I’d like to draw your attention to focusing on what has changed for the better, and there will be things that have, despite a very hard year. Consider how you have managed to adapt and also consider what habits you don’t want to return to when our freedoms are re-established. You might be thinking that New Year is the time for this reflective piece and my response would be- why wait?

Each day is the perfect opportunity to reconnect to what is good, positive and helpful in your life. I’ve created a small template to help you do just this and you don’t need to wait until 1 January to have a think about it. It can be a really helpful exercise each morning or evening to keep you in the present and positive.

1.What do I appreciate in my life right now?    
2.What are my needs right now?    
3.How can I take a step forward, towards meeting my needs?    
4.What isn’t helpful in my life right now?      
5.How can I change this?    

This is about reflection, contemplation, analysis and then taking action.

5 questions to help you focus on important areas in your life, consider who does support you and if that answer is you, fantastic, if it is other people then can you take a little control back, in order to make sure that you are responsible for your own happiness too? We need a balance in this area.

You can keep copies in your bag, on your desk or by your bed. It can help with problem solving, squashing negative thoughts and can also form a helpful journal/ timeline so that you can monitor your own progress. If you find after a few months nothing much has changed then perhaps you need to check-in with how honest you’re being with yourself, and also the actions you have set yourself- are they realistic, manageable and achievable?

Be kind to yourself in both your choice of language, goals and actions. Take responsibility and start using these questions to create a happier life, today.

Sending you all best wishes this December.  

Photo by The Humantra on Unsplash

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