Work day blues
Work day blues

You’re setting off for work feeling:


Frustrated; and



Slept badly, and

Forgotten to finish something yesterday that was urgent


Dreading work;

Expecting a repetitive day;

Second guessing the conversations for the day ahead;

Expecting to be ‘thrown under the bus’ for a small error; and

Rushing on the last minute to work because those precious extra minutes at home are a luxury.


Does this sound familiar?

Many of my clients struggle with the pressures of work and in achieving a work-life balance.

If the above scenario is your working day on repeat then the chances are that you’ll be experiences some mental health issues right now and are probably tired of being tired all the time.

  • Working in conditions that don’t suit you are draining.
  • Doing a job that you don’t enjoy is draining.
  • Working with people that aren’t like-minded is draining.

What stops you coming for counselling on these matters?

  • Pride;
  • Accepting there is a problem;
  • Wanting to handle it yourself, but you can’t seem to get a grasp on where to even begin;
  • Seeing a counsellor is admitting defeat; and
  • It’s too much hearing your thoughts out loud.

Are these resonating with you too?

If so, can I challenge you to consider a different world:

  • One where you feel motivated
  • Where you can make decisions that you trust in
  • Where you slept soundly
  • Where you weren’t looking over your shoulder and felt competent
  • Where criticism was taken in as feedback
  • Where your commute was relaxation or reflection time
  • Where you look forward to work and the day ahead.

If this world sounds better than the one that you’re currently living in then consider counselling as a place for personal development, as a place for like-minded conversation without fear of judgement or punishment and a place to nurture your confidence at your own pace.

You don’t have to continue to feel bad, low, sad and exhausted; there is another way where you matter and the job you do is a job and doesn’t dictate your life.

Photo by Taylor Young on Unsplash

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